name1 W1S1 [neım] n
1¦(of a person)¦
2¦(of a thing or place)¦
4¦(famous person/company/product)¦
5 call somebody names
6 in somebody's name/in the name of somebody
7 something has somebody's name on it
8 in the name of religion/freedom/science etc
9 have something to your name
10 the name of the game
11 cannot put a name to something
12 take somebody's name in vain
13 in name only/alone
14 in all/everything but name
15 somebody's name is mud
[: Old English; Origin: nama]
1.) ¦(OF A PERSON)¦
what someone is called
Her name is Mandy Wilson.
What's your name?
Can I have your last name ?
She called him by his first name (=she used his first name when talking to him) .
Please leave your full name (=complete name) and address with reception.
She didn't give (=say) her name .
I heard someone call (=say or shout) my name .
Sign your name (=write it) on the dotted line.
Can you put my name on the list?
It's a big school but the principal knows everyone by name (=can recognize everyone and address them by their name) .
I knew him by name only (=I knew his name, but didn't know what he looked like) .
under the name (of) sth
(=using a different name from your real name)
HH Munro wrote under the name Saki.
(go) by the name of sth
(=used to say that someone has or uses a particular name)
a young politician who went by the name of Tony Blair
what a thing, organization, or place is called
name of
What's the name of the street?
The name of the company has changed.
name for
Edo was the ancient name for Tokyo.
The flower's common name (=name that is used by ordinary people, not its scientific name) is forget-me-not.
3.) ¦(REPUTATION)¦ [singular]
the opinion that people have about a person or organization
He didn't want to do anything to damage the good name of the company.
The restaurant got a bad name for slow service.
They give the rest of the fans a bad name .
The company has a name for reliability.
make your name/make a name for yourself
(=become famous for something)
He quickly made a name for himself in the Parisian art world.
clear your name
(=prove that you did not do something bad or illegal)
a person, company, or product that is very famous or is known by many people
big/famous/household name
some of the biggest names in show business
It made the company into a household name (=a very well known person or thing) .
5.) call sb names
to use unpleasant words to describe someone in order to insult or upset them
The other kids used to call me names.
call sb all the names under the sun
(=use many unpleasant words to describe someone)
6.) in sb's name/in the name of sb
a) if something is in someone's name, it officially belongs to them or is for them to use
The house is in my husband's name.
I've booked a table in the name of Steinmann.
b) formal as someone else's official representative
I claim this land in the name of the King!
7.) sth has sb's name on it
something that seems to be appropriate for or deserved by a particular person
The match had England's name on it (=they will win it) .
8.) in the name of religion/freedom/science etc
using religion, freedom etc as the reason why something is done - used especially when you disapprove of what someone is doing
cruel experiments on animals carried out in the name of science
the things people do in the name of love
9.) have sth to your name informal
to have or own something - used to emphasize that someone has very little or a lot of something
He died without a penny to his name (=very poor) .
He didn't have a qualification to his name.
10.) the name of the game informal
the most important thing in a particular activity or situation
Quality, that's the name of the game.
11.) cannot put a name to sth
spoken used to say that someone is not able to say what something is called
I know the tune but I can't put a name to it.
12.) take sb's name in vain
to talk about someone without showing respect for them
How dare you take the Lord's name in vain (=swear using a word such as 'God' or 'Jesus') ?
13.) in name only/alone
if a situation exists in name only, it does not really exist even though officially people say it does
a democracy in name only
He was president in name only.
14.) in all/everything but name
if something is true in all but name, it is really true, even though people do not officially say that it is true
She was his wife in all but name.
15.) sb's name is mud informal
used to say that people are angry with someone because of something he or she has done - used especially humorously
If anything goes wrong, your name will be mud.
drag sb's name through the mud atdrag1 (10), ↑pen name
someone's first name: first name, given name (especially AmE), Christian name
someone's family name: family name, last name, surname, maiden name (=a woman's family name before she gets married)
the name between your first and last name: middle name
all of the words of someone's name: full name
when someone writes their name: signature, autograph (=of a famous person)
a name used instead of someone's real name: nickname a short name used by someone's friends or family
pen name/pseudonym a name used by a writer
stage name the name used by an actor
false name, alias a name used especially by a criminal
under an assumed name using a false name in order to hide your identity
the name of a thing: title the name of a book, film, picture etc
common name the name for a plant, animal, substance etc used by ordinary people
scientific name the name used by scientists
term a word or phrase used in technical contexts
name 2
name2 W2S2 v [T]
1¦(give somebody a name)¦
2¦(say somebody's or something's name)¦
3¦(choose somebody)¦
4 to name but a few/a handful/three etc
5 you name it (they've got it)!
6 name the day/date
7 name your price
to give someone or something a particular name
name sb John/Ann etc
We named our daughter Sarah.
name sb/sth after sb/sth
(=give someone or something the same name as another person or thing)
He was named after his father.
The street is named after the famous South African leader, Nelson Mandela.
name sth for sb/sth
AmE (=give something the same name as a person or thing)
The college is named for George Washington.
a man/woman etc named sth
(=someone with a particular name)
some guy named Bob Dylan
to say what the name of someone or something is, especially officially
The two murder victims have yet to be named.
name sb as sth
The woman who was shot has been named as Mary Radcliff.
She has secret information and is threatening to name names (=name the people who were involved in something, especially something bad or illegal) .
They're a lot better than some airlines I could name .
name and shame
BrE (=say publicly who is responsible for something illegal that has happened, or who has not achieved a particular standard)
to officially choose someone or something, especially for an important job or prize
name sb/sth (as) sth
The film was named best foreign film.
Quinn has been named as the new team manager.
name sb to sth AmE
Fitzgerald was named to the committee by the chairman.
4.) to name but a few/a handful/three etc
used after a short list of things or people to say that there are many more you could mention
5.) you name it (they've got it)!
spoken used after a list of things to mean that there are many more you could mention
Clothes, books - you name it, they sell it!
6.) name the day/date
to decide on a date for your wedding
7.) name your price
spoken to say how much you are willing to pay for something or sell something for
HINT sense 1
To talk about the name of a person or thing, it is more usual to say called rather than 'named': He had a friend called Mick.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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